Make This Year, Your Year To Thrive

Allison Drayton Life Coaching

Many find the Christmas holiday a multifaceted experience with the New Year often being the threshold of new beginnings and an opportunity for new habits and possibilities to emerge.

I invite you to embrace the beginning of the year as a canvas for your aspirations, without feeling pressured by resolutions. Shaping a lifestyle that nurtures you. Remember, your intentions are flexible; adapt them as needed. Instead of having everything mapped out, focus on how you want to feel in the coming year, allowing yourself to feel good, managing your energies along with an intentional practice will help any new habits solidify.


Sustainable change emerges through gradual shifts in feelings, thoughts, and energy so adopt the beauty of small, manageable transformations that you can process, integrate, and solidify over time. Rapid changes can unsettle our systems, so let the journey unfold at a pace that resonates with you.

Introduce some structure into your life through group practices either online or in the community to stay accountable and attuned to your daily energy. We thrive in groups and these can be the foundation that provides nourishing energy.


As an empath, skin and holistic transformation coach, the two way energy exchange is a mind body and spiritual endeavour. I cannot deliver a treatment or give space without being totally focused and present wholeheartedly with the person before me. Likewise, the client may be physically present but the mind be off elsewhere. Part of my work is reminding you to come back to into your body and be in the present moment for this is where shifts happen.

Here are some ideas to help build a solid foundation for incremental changes to develop over time.

Meditation; yes don’t be put off if you haven’t tried this yet! It’s merely an opportunity to connect with your breath and focus your attention inward, noticing where you may be holding tension. Our issues are held in our tissues – this is so true. Our brain is intrinsically connected to our whole body. Now, I know you know this already but when we intentionally focus on bringing our awareness using our breathe to connect to any tight muscles; we can bring softness and release within the nervous system.

Aromatherapy oil such as sandalwood is grounding and conducive to meditation.
Use in a carrier oil such as grape seed or sweet almond oil to massage into the soles of your feet and hands or use neat in an aroma steam.

Black tourmaline crystal is grounding, aids connection to the inner self, balancing energies, promoting healing.

Focus on your Root Chakra;
Intentionally send your breath to your root chakra (mulandhara ) located at the base of your spine energetically connecting you to the earth. Directional awareness allows space in-between the billions of thoughts that clutter the mind.

Affirm your vision with positive affirmations:

Attention Setting Exercise: Writing out your intention as a plan has an energetic resonance that our brain can align with tapping into your own source of powerful resources.

Make it simple  |  Keep the practice |  Enjoy the process

Cacao Grounding Recipe:
Cacao, cinnamon, rose powder, honey – mix with a little warm water

Some of these practices have been gifted to me by wonderful women practitioners during a recent Retreat with Illumina Coaching in the Cotswolds. The nurturing space provided me the healing whilst presenting opportunity for connection, creativity and joy. Seriously, It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Reflect on today’s blessings: What fills me with gratitude, and why?
2. Strengthen your resilience: How can you maintain your power and resilience?
3. Embrace self-leadership: Identify areas to be a stronger leader in your life right now.
4. Extend your advocacy: Consider ways to actively support and advocate for others.


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